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  • We LOVE our sod and landscaping. Amazing, personal, friendly customer service. Miranda, Fernando and team are quick to respond and get the job done with excellence. Highly recommend!
    Matt Castleman Homeowner


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If your builder is contracting us to come out and complete your lawn with seed and straw use our Insta-nt Yard Special to get a yard immediately worthy of a good instagram post! Upgrade your seed and straw to sod and receive a seed credit discount on your quote.

**Builder must be in contract with us to install seed and straw to receive this pricing.


When building in a new construction site the ground can become stripped of all its nutrients. In this package we install our Mirimichi Green soil conditioner that expedites the rooting of sod and the germination of seed. Making your yard greener and fuller quicker!


You know the saying… “The grass is always greener on the other side” Well not anymore!!! In this package you get the soil conditioner mentioned our “AMP UP” package, PLUS our temporary watering system. The first 14 days after installation are the most important time to do things right! Watering your yard and making sure it has enough water at the time it needs to be watered, is very crucial to success in transplanting sod and even more crucial in the effort to get seed to germinate!

Let us take the guess work out of it for you!! In this package you get a temporary watering system for 2 weeks. Our team comes and sets everything up, you don’t even have to turn on the faucet! After two weeks are over we come and collect the system!
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GreenPro Services specializes in new construction installation. Our crews and are equipment are larger and more efficient in getting your home finish in one day from prepping the ground to installing the sod. If you have recently built a new home and need a quote to have sod installed, look no further! We also do some restoration work contact us to see if we can help!


Don’t let your yard blow away!! Straw netting is great if you have a steep slope in your yard or if you get a lot of wind that might blow your straw away. The netting rolls out like a blanket and is stapled to the soil so it stays in place and is less likely to wash out in a heavy rain or blow away in a wind storm.


Not a landscape Guru? We can take your standard landscape package from your builder and suggest upgrades using a wider variety of plants and plant sizes that is custom to your home. Thinking about extending landscape beds, or building a natural barrier to create a more intimate and private escape? we have options and the team experienced in making these ideas reality.


Personalize your landscape to be what you dreamed it to be. Relax on your patio next to a beautiful re pit and enjoy the view of landscape custom to what you envision. With different styles of stone and designs you can make a unique and stylish retreat right outside your back door, perfect for entertaining and serenity.
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